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10 essential home renovation tools & accessories

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If like us your new home hasn’t been decorated for 40 was you’ll want to start ripping things out straight away – we couldn’t wait to strip the rooms back and see their full potential. Here are the 10 essential home renovation tools & accessories we used for our initial renovation rip out.


You’re hands are going to be doing a lot of work when ripping out old carpets and knocking out kitchen units etc so make sure they’re protected. Not only are they great for protection but if your house is as grimey as ours you won’t want to be touching any of that yucky stuff with your bare hands.

essential home renovation tools

Work Overalls

We tended to use old clothes but I definitely wished we bought overalls from the get-go. Not only will they protect you from the dusty and dirty elements of a renovation but they’ll make you feel and look like a pro diy-er!

essential home renovation tools

Safety Goggles

Even if you think “ah it’s just a small job and it won’t take a minute to do” – protect your eyes! It’s surprising how many bits and pieces can come flying at you during a renovation.

essential home renovation tools

Hippo Bag

If you don’t live near a rubbish tip, or you don’t have a car Hippo bags are great! We used one of these in our last place because the rubbish tip was about an hour away in busy London traffic. You can buy the bags for a small price and then simply pay for a collection. So easy.

essential home renovation tools


Tarpaulin is one of those things you never think you’ll need but when you have it you’ll end up using it all of the time. We used this to line the car before taking bags of rubbish to the tip and we’ve also used it to cover up bits and pieces in the garden when we’ve need to temporarily store things outside.

essential home renovation tools

Rubble Sacks

Forget using bin liners – they’ll just rip and tear. What you need are some strong rubble sacks. We’ve filled so many of these during the initial rip out of our renovation and after we emptying them at the rubbish tip we’ve been able to re-use them time and time again.

essential home renovation tools

Wallpaper Steamer

Our house was covered from top to bottom in wallpaper! Some came off quick and some was super stubborn. We couldn’t have done it without a wallpaper steamer so I highly recommend one of these bad boys.

essential home renovation tools

Strippers & Stripping Knifes

Again, great tools for removing wallpaper. The stripper with the sharp bade on the end is particularly good for stubborn bits that don’t want to come off.

essential home renovation tools


Hammers are great for so many jobs when you’re starting your renovation. From pulling out screws, to lifting up old flooring it’s just one of those things you’ll every toolbox needs.

essential home renovation tools


For all of those hard to reach places, you’ll definitely need to use a ladder. There’s no way we could have removed all of the wallpaper without a ladder. They’e a great investment and will be one of those things you keep for years to come.

essential home renovation tools

Well there you have it, the 10 essential home renovation tools & accessories that will help any homeowner about to embark on a new project. Good luck guys!

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