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Looking at the floor plans

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Floor_PlansWe looked at a lot of houses during our search but this was by far the biggest we’d seen – luckily nobody else wanted to take on the challenge so we managed to get it for a really good price! Take a look at the full house tour for a look and feel of the whole place.

The previous owner had already made a single story extension out the back so the space was really big. The only problem with the current extension is that it’s created a very long and dark kitchen as well as a very long and dark dining space. We’re hoping we’ll be able to open this space up and really make the most of it’s potential.

Downstairs floor plans

Huis Stories Floor Plan

This is the kitchen with the single story extension. The column in the middle is where the back of the house originally ended, so a good few feet have been added.

Floor plans kitchen

On the other side of the wall is the other part of the extension, where the previous owner created a ‘garden room’ and a lovely arch into it 🙂 This space is slightly lighter with the sliding doors but still the whole side of the house feels very narrow and dark.

Floor plans dining

Upstairs floor plans

The upstairs layout is great. All of the rooms are a really good size so apart from decoration I don’t think we’ll be doing too much to this part of the house.

Huis Stories Floor Plan

As you can see it’s mostly decoration that needs changing upstairs – I don’t think it had been updated for about 40 years.

Floor plans upstairs

Well there it is – our current floor plans! We’ve got lots of ideas for the house and I can’t wait to start sharing them with you. Watch this space.

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