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Initial designs and planning

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Before we moved into our house we already had an idea in mind of what we wanted to do with the space. Luckily, Dave has a background in interior design and project management so he was able to draw up some ideas in Vectororks. As you’ll see from the floor plans, the previous extension created two separate and very long spaces at the back of the house. What we want to do is open up the space by taking the middle wall out, creating one big kitchen/diner.

So far our plans include…

Full house re-wire
Knock through the wall between the kitchen and dining room
Polished concrete laid in new kitchen/diner with underfloor heating
Skylight, spotlights and pendants added to the new kitchen/diner
Add sliding rear doors across full width of house
Create a door through to the garage
Make a utility room in the garage
Add sliding doors between living room and kitchen/diner
Add plumbing to new kitchen island
Replace all radiators in the house and re-route current pipework

Origional floor plan

Floor plan before


Initial design concept

Huis Stories Design Plans



For the renovation we’re looking at around £20,000. This will include all building works and decoration, including a DIY kitchen we plan do build ourselves as well as paint and carpets etc. At the moment we’re emailing as many local builders as possible so I’ll update you when we get things booked in!

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