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Stripping back the layers

by admin
Strip Out

The kick-start our house renovation we couldn’t wait to get our work gloves on and start stripping back the layers of the house…and believe me when I say there were A LOT  of layers.

First things first, the carpets had to come up. On the day of moving in we noticed what look like spilled white rice all over the floor – yep we had moth eggs everywhere!!  It was a big job as we had carpet in the lounge, hall, bedrooms and even in the bathroom and downstairs loo. Yes this was pretty smelly stuff. We loaded the car up and made countless trips to the rubbish tip. And then even more when we discovered loads of old rolls stored up in the attic.  It was exhausting but it felt very therapeutic knowing that we were clearing out the old and making way for the new.

The wallpaper was another big job. The house was literally wallpapered from top to toe with really thick, stuck on pattered paper. To date we’ve managed to strip to back the two double bedrooms, lounge and downstairs hallway.  I think the rest of the wallpaper will have to wait until another time.

Take a look at the latest pictures with the carpets and wallpaper gone. You can definitely start to see the potential of the rooms.  

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